About Volleyball Training

This site is intended to be a demo for updating the styling of a training scheduler. The scheduler functions to publicize and promote training classes while also allowing for players to sign up online.

Some of the largest functional features are the ability to manage training schedules, send mass emails to people that have signed up, and allow users to sign up for classes while limiting the number of participants.

Meet our Coaches

This section could be used to highlight a coach by showing a picture and giving a very brief bio.

There would also be a link to a page listing all participating coaches with extended bios.

Tip of the Day

This section I envision as having a brief daily tip, about volleyball, training reccomendations, health & fitness, nutrition, or even using the website.

A listing of the tips would be loaded into a table and indexed by day so that each day a new tip would come up. Alternatively, could just have a random one pop up each time the page loads...