Welcome to Volleyball In Action

Volleyball is becoming more and more competitive as players are playing the sport from an earlier age. One-on-one lessons and small group training from Volleyball In Action can provide your athlete with an opportunity to get more repetitions in a one-on-one or small group setting. Regardless of how good your club or school team coach is, there is usually only one coach available to instruct all of the players on a team. Therefore we are offering you experienced detail and technique training sessions that are geared toward making you better and addressing the specific needs of your personal game.

Volleyball like any sport is all about improvement. Improvement occurs when repetitions are maximized and feedback is present and constant. Since the instruction is so individualized, it works for a wide range of players with differing levels of ability; from those entering the collegiate level of play to those that are just beginning to learn the sport and just want to have fun.

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